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Social Media Developments – 19th October 2012

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LinkedIn ‘Follow’

You are now able to follow people on LinkedIn. This enables you to receive updates about them without being connected to them. Currently this is limited to the 150 most influential thought leaders on LinkedIn, but in the future, this could be a good way to see what industry experts are saying and we could use this for content.

LinkedIn Featured Updates

This is a new way for company profiles to highlight important content, essentially similar to pinning a post on a Facebook page. This promotes the content to the top of their Company Updates stream.

Twitter partners with Nielsen to offer Twitter surveys

In the future this could be a way of getting feedback on Twitter in much the same way as with a survey. This will appear like a promoted tweet.

Klout is scoring Facebook pages

This is potentially another metric that could be added to reports, all be it with some further explanation. It could be a good internal measure for the influence our Facebook pages are having.

1 billion users on Facebook

This is monthly active users.

Facebook is adding a want button

I’m not sure when they will roll this out worldwide as it is currently only being used in America, but this could potentially be added for jobs.

Photos are becoming more prominent on Twitter

The photo stream at the side of your profile is increasing to show 6 images and each of these will become bigger, making it more important to have good images in this location.

Twitter backgrounds

Twitter has made adjustments to the background image so you can have more control. Twitter centres information so there is now room on both sides to add visuals in the background. This shouldn’t have a big effect, but could give us more opportunity to add branding on any new designs.

Facebook has launched global pages

Rather than making Facebook page owners maintain several different pages for their locations or one broad global page, Facebook has now introduced a global page, where the content changes depending on where you are viewing it, like a LinkedIn careers tab changes depending on your profile information. However, this page will still have the same customised URL, regardless of your location. This type of page also comes with globalised insights, rather than many for each page in each location.


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