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New LinkedIn profiles are live

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For those of us who registered to receive the new LinkedIn profiles, this has now been rolled out. Other users have the old profile for now, apparently the new one will be rolled out over the new few months.

The profiles are really nice, with a much clearer layout. The photo is a lot larger, meaning I would seriously like a new photo soon! There is an intriguing feature called Profile Strength, which seems to be more complicated than the original profile completeness:


I can’t find anything explaining what contributes to this yet, but I suspect if I get more connections the blue circle will fill up more (based on the fact that underneath the circle, LinkedIn encourages me to share my profile on Facebook and Twitter). Hopefully at some point someone will be able to figure out what else contributes to this – it will be easier to figure out when this is rolled out more widely. We need to find out if this uses all the same factors as the old profile completeness or not, so we can advise appropriately in any future Profile Optimisation Guides.

There are also some fun statistics about your network, including how many connections you have from different companies, schools, locations and industries:


Also, when you view the profile of someone else who has a new profile, you can see more about how you are connected to them:


To see all changes, you can have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

Interestingly, this seems to be part of a much wider shift in approach on LinkedIn. We have recently seen massive changes to the newsfeed, company pages and now profiles. LinkedIn is trying to become more simple and user-friendly. Groups seem to be the only area not touched by this yet – I suspect we can expect to see some big changes there at some point soon.


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