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Social Media Developments – 2nd November 2012

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New LinkedIn Profiles

The newly designed LinkedIn profiles are slowly being rolled out across the network. Currently, you have to request it. The new design looks much more modern and includes more imagery, such as company logos, and a larger profile picture. LinkedIn claims the layout will make it easier to tell your professional story. It should become easier to achieve 100% complete profiles. We will have to monitor this to establish if we need to change our client profiles or include new topics in optimisation documents.

LinkedIn Video ads

LinkedIn has recently announced the introduction of video adverts. These will be located in the same place as their current adverts, but the user can choose to play a video. This could be a way of making more engaging adverts, but of course, at a cost.


Previously, PageRank has been important in search rankings, however Google is changing this so author repuation plays a role in whether your page is viewed for your chosen keywords. This is a result of the introduction of Google+ and a new method to reduce spam. This will become important in SEO, and this could be an area where we can support them. Client reputation will also become more valuable for our content.

Social Engine

This is a program that allows you to build your own social network. It may be worth looking into this for clients that would like an onboarding channel.


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