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Now you can add interactive images to your tweets

This is really cool and really exciting. You can now add other pieces of content (e.g. URLs, contact forms, audio clips and much more) to photos you upload on Twitter. Click here to see an example of the potential this offers.

This offers massive potential. For example, we can post a picture promoting a job and have a link to the job in the photo. We could post pictures of the recruitment team and link to their LinkedIn profile. We could create a picture promoting a Q&A and have a contact form within it so that people can post questions that way. Very cool.

3 quick tips on how to write blog post titles that get clicks

Nicely written article that practices what it preaches:

  1. The most popular articles are “How-to” and “Why” articles.
  2. Include numbers.
  3. Make your title relevant and timely.

Facebook experiments with ‘reply’ button on comments

If this gets implemented, running Q&As on Facebook would become massively easier to run.

7 effortless ways to find new ideas for your blog

Some more useful than others. I’ve used Quora for content before and would strongly recommend it – lots of interesting conversations going on. I tried Bottlenose when it was in beta and found it a bit user unfriendly, but it might be worth revisiting. Topsy looks cool too.

The list of Twitter chats is awesome – and there’s one for #EyeConnect. American based, but maybe worth looking into anyway? It looks like this could also be another way for us to promote our Q&As.

Facebook rolling out option for fans to receive notifications about page posts

I believe this has been rolled out now. I’ve seen a few pages posting about it and think we should do something similar for all client pages:Image

On a side note, there’s a geekily cool article about how Facebook has been tweaking its Edgerank algorithm here. Most of it is more interesting than useful, but there is one very useful point: targeted posts apparently tend to get more visibility, as Facebook assumes it is more relevant to the audience. Looking at the reach of posts on the TRS Facebook Page, I think there’s probably some truth to this.


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