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Social Media Developments – 16th November 2012

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Facebook tests Page post notifications

This would allow users to receive notifications every time a page posts. This would ensure content is being seen, so if rolled out, should be the aim of our work.

Instagram introduces web profiles

Instagram now lets you access your profile online as well as via their app. This will show recently shared photos, your profile picture and bio.

Facebook is experimenting with ranked comments

Facebook has begun testing a change to the comments format on brand and subscriber pages that would result in comments with the highest level of engagement to the top of posts. Facebook believes this will encourage further engagement, which could help pages. This would also start promoting page influencers more heavily and could help page owners identify who they should build relationships with on Facebook.

Facebook is also allowing users to now reply to specific comments, in a similar way to forums. This would better enable us to run Q&As on Facebook.

Social Media Marketing Tools

AgoraPulse – another social media marketing tool worth looking into. Currently this only looks at Facebook pages, but provides details on competitors and gives personalised content recommendations, such as which day is best to post.

PostAcumen – this also compares your page to competitors, but gives data on posts and engagement.


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