Social Media 4 Recruitment

Social media for client attraction

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Just a few thoughts, please feel free to add your own.

  1. Get a list of existing clients – client names and contacts at those companies. This will give us a good idea of who we are looking for and help to strengthen existing relationships.
  2. Get a list of 5-10 companies to target. Focus on these initially. Find them on Linkedin and Twitter. Review progress after 3(?) months, change target list if necessary.
  3. Review how important client attraction is. Currently we probably divide our attention 80/20 in favour of candidates – do clients want to change this? We could spend more time e.g. identifying and messaging potential candidates on LinkedIn if this would be helpful.
  4. Focus on developing a presence in LinkedIn groups run by the companies we want to target.
  5. Connect LinkedIn profile to the decision makers at these companies.
  6. Add a client support section to products and services tab in LinkedIn company profile.
  7. More explicit content about client attraction – services offered and benefits of this.
  8. More research into what potential clients are talking about. Write content on these subjects. Answer any questions they might have.
  9. When possible, a blog could be very valuable for client attraction – establish thought leadership.

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