Social Media 4 Recruitment

Social media for executive headhunting

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Again, just my initial thoughts, other ideas very much appreciated:

  1. Can we get buy in from key stakeholders within the company? The more involved they are willing to be, the more successful to process is likely to be.
  2. Key stakeholders are likely to already know the people they are looking for. We can then look at how to get in touch with these people – probably a personal LinkedIn connection.
  3. We can definitely add value by identifying potential candidates and making initial contact, but personal relationships are always going to play an important role.
  4. We need to ensure the executive recruiter is perceived as a likeable, accessible, highly visible, knowledgeable industry expert. This might involve reviewing their LinkedIn profile and posting regular status updates with insightful industry news.
  5. If nothing else, social media could be used to provide knowledge and insight into the state of the market. We can see what they’re talking about and what they’re interested in. We could provide research and insight to the client, who can then use this to pick up the phone or bump into target candidates at an industry event…


Executive headhunting is a tricky and sensitive area. A good article explaining the issues can be found here.


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