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Hollaroo Conference – Interesting Stats


  • 80% of executives globally believe the ability to attract and retain the best people will be the primary force influencing business strategy.
  • There are currently 5 generations in the workplace.
  • Candidate behaviour:
    • 98% use search engines.
    • 58% have completed all their research about the employer before applying.
    • 14% believe what companies say about themselves.
    • 78% believe employees.
    • 88% leave jobs for reasons other than money.
    • 89% of employers think people leave because of money.
    • 60% of employees would recommend jobs to their friends.
    • 23% of employees participate in referrals.
    • 55% of employees believe it’s important people want to work for their employer before referring them.
  • Mobile:
    • 2.8 million jobseekers a month access job listings from their mobile. 67% of these search every day.
    • 88% of job seekers would search jobs using their mobile.
    • There are over 1,000 mobile apps for recruitment.
    • 90% of Fortune 500 companies do not have a mobile optimised career site.
    • 1 in 5 recruitment searches are on a mobile.
    • 40% of candidates will go to competitors if your site is not mobile optimised.
    • Mobile ads are 50% cheaper than on desktops.

2 thoughts on “Hollaroo Conference – Interesting Stats

  1. Some really good stats here – might use them in some presentations 🙂

  2. I was interested how these stats compare with NORAS, though several are based on data from the US.

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