Social Media 4 Recruitment

What is Hollaroo?


  • It can be branded.
  • Conversations are confidential.
  • There is a mobile app to access the platform.
  • You just need an email address and password to create an account.
  • You can import information for your profile from LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Your profile shows the history of your activity on the site.
  • You can invite people to join by email.
  • Candidates can refer others outside of the network.
  • Talent Pipelines – If there aren’t jobs available for the candidates.
  • Referral site for employees.
  • Messaging.
  • Groups by role, function and location. You cannot see the other members of the group or other categories of users, e.g. employees, candidates etc.
  • News section – can be automatically filled from the client website, press releases, white papers etc.
  • You can hold Q&A sessions within the network.
  • Content can be shared.
  • Jobs automatically post from the ATS to Hollaroo. You can then choose who these are visible to.
  • Share jobs – the recipient receives a notification within Hollaroo and by email.
  • Applying for jobs happens through the ATS.
  • It’s difficult for candidates to communicate with each other, so couldn’t be used as a networking tool.
  • It isn’t clear how interaction works in groups.
  • Hollaroo provided no examples of platforms for talent pipelines and the case studies shown were both law firms.
  • Would people join this in addition to all their other networks?
  • They worked on a network for London 2012.

2 thoughts on “What is Hollaroo?

  1. What is the main aim of Hollaroo – I’m not sure this explains exactly what it does and how??

  2. It’s essentially a company’s own social network, specifically for recruiting and creating a talent pool and creating a referral scheme. Users set up a profile and can then take part in groups and view jobs. The odd thing is it doesn’t really allow for networking between users, as you can’t see who other people are, unless they are a recruiter. I feel it is like Tribepad, but with fewer features and less experience with the Talent Pipelines aspect.

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