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A trial with Sprout Social


Are you looking for a social media management tool? I would suggest a trial with  Sprout Social. Here are my thoughts:

What I think of this programme:

  •  First impression – nice layout, easy to navigate, self-explanatory – provides ‘?’ in the corner. Great, if you’re not sure what something means.
  • Reports can help improve social media monthly monitoring, e.g. less time spent on monitoring reach, more time spent on other essential tasks.
  • You can invite other team members and create tasks for them – 1 account could be used with multiple team members.
  • You’re able to customise Sprout Social branding with your own logo – great tool if you’re managing clients.
  • Overall I like it – it has a combination of tools like Facebook analytics, Hootsuite and Google Alerts all  in one programme.


The data you can get from it:


  • Track the number of new followers, fans, interactions, users and impressions.
  • Access audience demographics e.g. gender and age.
  • Track how well you’re engaging on Twitter  – the higher the engagement, the more valuable your audience will become.


  • Track messages sent on Facebook and Twitter –  look at the number of likes, comments and engagement for Facebook and number of clicks, responses and reach on Twitter.
  • Set up web alerts, much like Google alerts.
  • Set up tasks and team tasks. Could be handy when working in large teams?



  • Schedule messages for Twitter and Facebook, much like Hootsuite.



  • Find out which of your followers have mentioned you, their follower count, and which followers you have had conversations with. You can filter by all or influential people, unfortunately I don’t think you can filter by month.



  • Facebook report very much like Facebook analytics.
  • The Twitter report was very helpful – number of retweets per month, clicks received, messages received, conversation rate and update rate.
  • You’re able to compare Twitter reports in Twitter Comparison. This would be great to analyse how we have improved over a long period e.g. every six months/year.


Have you trialled Sprout Social? What do you think?


Author: jolouiseclark

Social Media Executive specialising in online recruitment.

2 thoughts on “A trial with Sprout Social

  1. Thank you for checking out Sprout Social and sharing your thoughts on the tool! Great to hear you’ve enjoyed a number of the features and design.

    Thanks again!

    Brit Thompson
    Social Marketing Manager | Sprout Social

  2. Good post Jo. To the team do we think it’s worth investing in this tool?

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