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Identifying candidates on LinkedIn

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I just tried some of the methods I discussed in my last blog post on this, and I’ve found that they actually work! Very excited.

When identifying candidates, I would recommend the following process:

  1. Go to LinkedIn advanced people search as usual.
  2. Type in everything you would usually search for a candidate as normal.
  3. Open up the profile of a potential candidate.
  4. If you have restricted access to their profile, open up Google in a different browser – do not close the original browser.
  5. Make sure you are logged out of LinkedIn in the second browser.
  6. Run a Google search for the name and headline of the candidate.
  7. Unless they have set up a private profile, this should now allow you to see the whole profile, including which groups they are in. Make a note of this in the spreadsheet as usual. This could be particularly helpful in areas we are struggling – if we have previously been in the wrong groups, we can makes sure we are now in the right groups!


I’ve only just started doing this, but am already finding that it makes a massive difference.

I hope this makes sense to everyone. If it doesn’t, please grab me and I’d be happy to talk you through the process.

If anyone else has any good tips, please share them below!


One thought on “Identifying candidates on LinkedIn

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