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Social Media Developments – 29th November 2012

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Facebook launches its own job board

In November 2012, Facebook released its own job board, the Social Jobs Partnership app. This is a collaboration between Monster, Jobvite, Work4Labs and BranchOut.

Currently, the activity is mostly focussed in the USA and the job search is not hugely accurate, however, this is likely to improve over time.

Bearing in mind the companies involved in the set up, it is likely that the Facebook job board will provide similar standards of application, i.e. posting a job will result in quantity, not quality of applications.

The job board relies heavily on Facebook members wanting to search jobs through this channel, and in the immediate future, we do not believe this is true. However, they may get more used this this in the future.

Pinterest Business Accounts

Pinterest has now introduced business accounts, allowing brands to set up their own pages. Existing accounts can be converted to a business account. In addition to the normal functionality, you also have access to:

  • Pin It button – making it easier for people to pin images from your website.
  • Follow button – encourage visitors of your website to follow you on Pinterest.
  • Add a board widget – so users can follow boards from your website.

Facebook rolls out a pages-only feed

This new functionality allows Facebook users to view only posts from the brand pages that you follow. This is a great way to increase the visibility of page posts, however it is yet to be seen how many users will actually view the page. The feed can be accessed in the navigation bar on the left hand side of the homepage, so is not hugely obvious to the normal user.

This will have no effect on the main News Feed.

Twitter adds a share button

You can now email a tweet to anyone, regardless of whether or not they use Twitter. This can be done straight from your Twitter stream.

Facebook ads launch ROI Tracking Tool

This aims to track what users activity after they have clicked on an advert.


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