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Twitter improves its search results

Twitter has made a few changes recently to its search results, in an attempt to make the function actually useful. One of the most interesting ones is that photos and videos will now be shown first – this means we should definitely be tweeting more photos and videos, to appear highly in Twitter search results.

Yet another new social media site… is aiming to be LinkedIn, but for the Facebook generation (i.e. actually social). It claims to be the fastest growing career site for young professionals, that will “make managing your career not boring“. There’s no indication of how many users they have, but there’s quite a lot of buzz around it. They also have an “Identified Employer Solutions” section, which is under-developed but surprisingly similar to LinkedIn in format. I have registered to be notified about product updates…

Edit your LinkedIn profile on your mobile

LinkedIn has clearly been pushing mobile for a while now and there is a general upward trend. This new step might help to further this – it is now possible to edit your profile in the go, including your headline, skills or add a new position. It’s definitely worth thinking about what we do and how this appears on mobile devices. We have been trying to use status updates more, which is positive as these will be clearly visible on mobiles, but we need to make sure we continue to take it into account going forward.

Twitter promises downloadable tweets

Twitter CEO has promised that by the end of 2012, it will be possible to download all your tweets. At the moment, only the last few thousand tweets from each user are accessible on the site. Not massively exciting, but might be worth mentioning to clients in case they want this information for any reason.

Twitter offers $1 million in advertising credits for Small Business Saturday (US only)

Twitter is giving away $100 in free credits to each of the first 10,000 businesses who apply and are eligible for the program in an effort to help businesses promote their brand. This is particularly interesting as the main barrier to Twitter advertising used to be its price. Whereas the enquiry form for Twitter advertising used to have a $5,000 per month minimum requirement, there is now an option for $0-$999. Twitter advertising is becoming more widespread, and I wonder if promoted tweets could actually be worthwhile for clients who have the budget.


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