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Pinterest and Recruitment

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For the past month I have been thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of Pinterest for recruitment.


  • It outperforms Facebook for brand awareness (look at the bizrates chart)
  • It could be used as part of long term engagement strategy creating a positive image of the company culture
  • 80% of Pinterest content are repins so there is potential for a huge reach
  • It is female biased and therefore could create engagement for our clients with positions in retail, marketing, catering, education etc.
  • The channel continues to grow and using it would place our clients at the forefront of social media
  • It is the third most popular social media channel and refers more traffic than LinkedIn and Google+ combined
  • An average of 1 hour and 17 minutes is spent on Pinterest compared to 36 minutes on Twitter suggesting Pinterest’s staying power



  • Other than creating super niche pinboards, it isn’t targeted
  • With the exception perhaps of the Boots Christmas campaign, how would it be used for individual roles?
  • Good images are required and would therefore cost our clients more
  • It is still difficult to prove the ROI for Pinterest
  • People using Pinterest are unlikely to be using for the purpose to find jobs

I think it would be beneficial to keep an eye on the channel’s development in the UK as it could be used to build relationships between companies and users which is an important part of recruitment. I believe that it could be used for Boots with a focus on the Working in Nottingham Blog. Although there are obstacles here’s why I believe Pinterest would one day work for Boots:

  • It would create a relationship between the team at Boots and users
  • Pinboards would be created looking at different departments of Boots, e.g. “Life in the Boots Pharmacy” or “Our Boots stores in Yorkhire”
  • It can be used to portray a positive image of Nottingham with boards for “Winter in Nottingham”, “What to do in Nottingham in January” etc.

Here are a couple of companies that used Pinterest well for recruitment:
Carousel Consulting: I really like how this agency has taken a step back from directly recruiting but offers insights around the industry. Check out their “We’re hiring” board – it’s brilliant!

Taco Bell: I like how this food chain has used Pinterest to focus on the positive aspects of the company culture.

Have a read of for some further insights.

What do you think? Do you think Pinterest can  be used for recruitment?


Author: fgeach

I love social media and working with new forms of communication.

One thought on “Pinterest and Recruitment

  1. Great post. I think (hope!) there is potential for Pinterest, but it is extremely resource-heavy, both in terms of sourcing content and then actually getting people to see it. I do wonder if this is somewhere where a joint SEO-social media project could be useful though?

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