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How to get jobs on the Facebook Job App

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Following my discovery that the Work4Us app only posts to the Facebook job app if you are an Enterprise user, I decided to have a look into which other apps let you post to it, and what the cheapest option is. Surprisingly, while lots of people are talking about the potential impact of the job app, very few people seem interested in how to get jobs on there. And apparently, it is borderline impossible – and never free.


Enterprise only – price on application, but apparently starts at around $7,200 per year.


Jobvite apparently has two apps – Work With Us and Jobvite Facebook Application. The first is free, the second is not, but no price is listed. Currently, I cannot get the first one to install and cannot find the second one. No indication of which you have to use to get on the Facebook job app. Not impressed.


BranchOut has had a makeover but the FAQs hasn’t updated to reflect this. I have no idea how you get jobs on there. Apparently it costs $49 per job post, with bundles and extra packages available, but I have no idea how you get these. All jobs I found on there are from Indeed, so I don’t know if it’s just scraping them now.


You can purchase the Monster Job Feed app, which will include Monster job postings on your Facebook Page. All jobs posted through this will also go to the Facebook job app.


One thought on “How to get jobs on the Facebook Job App

  1. Thanks Claire. Has everyone else read this post?

    How much is the Monster Job Feed app? Also, do you have to post jobs onto the Monster job board to use it?

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