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Twitter for recruitment – how can we improve for 2013?

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  1. Be yourself and not a brand – start tweeting using a employee’s personality rather than a brand personality. Talk about your interests and what you do outside of work (this could help promote relocating). Candidates are more likely to engage and interact with you outside of working hours.
  2. Watch! Watch competitor Twitter channels or successful Twitter feeds. Find out what they are tweeting about and how they are communicating with passive and active candidates.
  3. Don’t follow back everyone. Determine whether a Twitter feed will bring value to your Twitter account by analysing there bio and tweets. Following Twitter accounts can reflect your interests as a brand and their appeal to potential candidates for possess the same interests.
  4. Even out followers and who you’re following. Successful Twitter feeds have similar follower and following counts. Candidates are more likely to engage with you, if they believe others are following you too. It looks odd if you’re following a large number of Twitter accounts yet hardly anyone is following you back. This could suggest that your Twitter account is not engaging enough.
  5. Add social media buttons to your website – enable social media updates to your webpage and social media share/like buttons to your job descriptions.  Active candidates who visit your website can then follow your Twitter/Facebook feeds. This will get shown in their news feed, therefore potentially attracting passive candidates. Furthermore, those who know a friend is searching for a job could share and tweet this to them easily.
  6. Search for location hashtags e.g. #Nottingham. Tweet jobs when these locations are trending on Twitter. Therefore, more candidates will be reached successfully.


Do you have any other suggestions?


Author: jolouiseclark

Social Media Executive specialising in online recruitment.

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