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Social Media predictions for 2013

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I’ve been reading a lot of articles recently on ‘Social Media predictions for 2013’.

Here are some of the key changes we might see:

  • MySpace relaunches: MySpace’s new owners (which includes Justin Timberlake) have teased that it will be coming back as a ‘media-centric social networking service’. It will still focus on music but will compete with Facebook, Twitter and Spotify. I think it will cause a huge buzz, won’t necessarily affect recruitment, but is certainly something to keep an eye on.
  • The Twitter-Instagram photo rivalry will continue: After the Facebook-Instagram acquisition, Twitter began rolling out new Instagram-like features such as filters. It is likely that Twitter’s photo-editing and sharing services will grow but remains to be seen whether they can catch up with Instagram.
  • Content creation grows in importance and becomes more targeted: Econsultancy found that only 38% of companies surveyed had a content strategy in place, but 90% believed it would become more important over the next 12 months.
  • Focus on visuals: The growth of Pinterest, increase of image services for Twitter and the importance placed on content, all shows that images, videos and infographics are an important part of social media strategy for 2013.
  • Facebook will offer a premium version of Facebook Pages. This premium version will include advanced analytics that will give marketers greater insight around specific fan segments (top commenters, customers, new fans) and the ability to do ‘frictionless email acquisition’ (click “join” within a Page update to opt in).
  • The fastest-growing social network will be SlideShare.
  • Twitter is going to start “personalising” your Twitter feed based on an algorithm that might be called “TweetRank,” or perhaps “TwedgeRank.” The algorithm will include Influence, Engagement, Alignment, Gravity and Interests.
  • Google+ will become a ‘must use’ service (but still not get the engagement levels of other channels).
  • LinkedIn will get bigger: With the new company and personal profile changes rolled out in 2012, it is likely that LinkedIn will have increasing relevance in the social space. People are treating LinkedIn more like Facebook’s news feed, encouraging more engagement and more regular posts.

What are your Social Media predictions for 2013?



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