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How can blogs encourage engagement with candidates?

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I’ve recently been thinking about how we can encourage engagement with candidates using blogs. I’ve put together a few ideas below:

  1. Guest blogging from high profile employees.
  2. Guest blogging from celebrities who have worked with brands e.g. Jamie Oliver.
  3. Updating blogrolls – add links to sites which showcases the brands interests and highlights their brand personality. The owners of those blogs will find your blog and will be likely to add a reciprocal link in their blogrolls.
  4. Submit posts to Social Bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit. This is a great way to boost traffic.
  5. Submit posts to Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo – submit the blog’s URL to them.
  6. Post one ‘photo gallery’ blog post per month – this could help with relocating candidates. The post could highlight an area of the town/city or a department at the brands Head Office.
  7. Host a link/feed to the blog site on the brands job website.
  8. Upload the Tubepress plugin – the plugin allows you to display YouTube and Viemo videos and galleries in blog posts.
  9. Include one picture per blog post – pictures are more likely to receive engagement.
  10. Include a live Twitter feed on blog site.
  11. Promote again via social –  a few weeks later re-post the blog to the brands social media channels e.g. ‘Did you miss…’


Please leave a comment with your thoughts and suggestions; I’d love to hear your feedback!


Author: jolouiseclark

Social Media Executive specialising in online recruitment.

One thought on “How can blogs encourage engagement with candidates?

  1. Some really good ideas Jo. How is the current Boots blog promoted? If we’re not using StumbleUpon and Reddit, those are both really quick ways to increase visibility. Definitely agree re. more photos and videos as well.

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