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Twitter introduces Vine for creating GIF-like looping videos

Vine is a new service, that allows people to create and share looping videos. The videos are only six seconds long, designed to encourage creativity. Could be a nice little piece of extra content for clients.

How to ensure you’re getting the most out of your link posts on Facebook

Some nice suggestions on how to get more clicks. Posting an image then including the link in the description is probably the best way around this. People really love images. We need lots and lots of images. I’ve been wondering if we can create more images around particular job posts – image based job specs? Images of people doing the job? Tag cloud of job titles with links to the jobs mentioned? See also [INOGRAPHIC] The impact of photos on Facebook engagement and The shift to visual social media [Infographic] for why photos are so important.

1 million Facebook Likes can get you laid

Further proof that with social media, people are more likely to respond if you a) ask them to and b) give them a reason to.


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