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Social Media Developments – 15th February 2013

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Twitter has enhanced photo and video viewing

You may have noticed this on Twitter, but it’s now easier to view photos and videos, in particular on profiles and in search results. This only makes it more important for us to be using images/video in as much content as possible.

Facebook has added voice messaging and video recording to iOS app

This could make for an interesting addition to content, and vary what we can do through Facebook to include voice and video. We may need to see how this roles out across other services and how people use it, but could be interesting.

New YouTube channel design

YouTube is how it’s channels appear across a limited number of profiles. There will now be a channel trailer which can entice non-subscribers to subscribe to the channel. There is also a new banner image across the top (which is making YouTube look more like Facebook and Google+), and can display social media buttons, which will be good for promoting our other channels – interestingly it doesn’t look like Google+ is an default option. This is also optimised for mobile viewing, so is good from a mobile branding perspective. We will have to look into creating trailers and banners for our channels. When this roles out, we will also have to check our channels to see if the backgrounds are affected.

LinkedIn has reached 200 million users

There’s a good infographic here about its userbase.

Pinterest is testing a new look

This is currently only with a small number of profiles, but is worth watching out for.

Instagram launches on PCs

Instagram has now branched out beyond mobile and can now be used on desktops. This could broaden its user base.


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