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Twitter releases ad API

Twitter is now joining Facebook and LinkedIn as the only other global social network with advertising APIs. This will allow marketers to create, manage and optimise ads. If you visit the advertising section of Twitter, it has had a serious revamp, and now promotes self-service advertising. Where we have the budget, this could be a fantastic way to tie together our work with PPC.

Boldomatic – for interesting, bold content

Boldomatic is an exciting looking app that allows you to create text-images on an iPhone. While text images are not always a good idea (see my last update about Facebook’s 20% text rule), these images look really nice and would be a great, simple way to create content.

Twitter now reducing some tweets to 117 characters

Twitter has changed how works, so rather than 120 characters available, there will be 118 characters, or 117 for https URLs. Not a massive deal, but worth bearing in mind when writing tweets that need to be approved by clients.

Google launches Google+ Sign-In

Despite the lack of activity on Google+, Google is determined to make use of it. This – along with the integrated sharing it brings – could make more people care about Google+. Maybe?

LivesOn will let you tweet from beyond the grave

This app will learn your writing style, learn how to imitate it and then it can essentially become you. Very interesting. Very creepy.


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