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Social Media Developments – 1st March 2013

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Twitter Mobile Study

Twitter has released statistics on mobile usage. Mobile users are more likely to use Twitter than those that check it on any other device. This means we must ensure that everything we do on Twitter is optimised for mobile. Also, mobile users are more likely to log on during the morning, on their commute and in the evening – meaning we can broaden the hours we post.

Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

In case we need sizes for designs, click here. Link Insights

Recently, I think I’ve come across a few reasons that moving to as our URL shortener would be a good idea. Here’s another. They have just introduced additional insights to show information like what time of day users clicked on the link, no. of clicks over the past year etc.


One thought on “Social Media Developments – 1st March 2013

  1. I have used before and I found the insights extremely useful. You can also change the name of the link which can help to increase click-throughs.

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