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Facebook’s New News Feed

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Facebook revealed last Thursday that their news feed has received a long awaited update. Unlike other components of Facebook, the news feed has been left relatively untouched for a long time with users complaining of clutter.

So what’s it about?

According to Facebook it’s about taking the best from mobile and bringing it to the web. It’s about de-cluttering the news feed and “giving control to the user.”


What are the changes?

Photos will be playing a huge role in this news feed; Facebook says it’s about creating photo stories. This means that for better for worse, high quality photos will be as important as ever for our clients if we want them to stand out on the news feed. This also suggests that as well as posting photos from our clients, it would be a good idea to continue posting about famous bridges and other engaging visual that can inspire candidates.

The cover photo is more important. When a group of friends Like or otherwise interact with a Facebook page, that page may be highlighted in the News Feed with its cover photo on display. Facebook recommends a cover photo that tells an engaging story.


Post a trending story. News stories about a single topic will be highlighted in thumbnail-rich carousels, making it more advantageous to share trending rather than outlier stories on Facebook. This will be a challenge for recruitment where we have to consider the employer branding and a lot of trending stories will not be relevant. However it might highlight the need for a calendar of notable dates such as International Women’s Day as these can trend on social media.

People can be more selective about what appears on their news feed. This allows them to choose news updates from their close friends which could be restrictive for our clients. However by selecting following, they will only see news updates from the pages they follow.


New changes; new challenges but that is the excitement of working in digital!

To find out more about Facebook new news feed or to join the waiting list visit:


Author: fgeach

I love social media and working with new forms of communication.

One thought on “Facebook’s New News Feed

  1. Was just about to write about this and you’ve beaten me to it!

    Found a nice article here that also covers the same topics: I think the cover story change is particularly interesting, and is definitely a good time to review all our current cover photos.

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