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How to increase Twitter engagement

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Nice infographic here on Twitter engagement. I’ve seen a lot of the stats before, but there’s no harm in being reminded of them, and there are some new points too.

Key points:

  • Engagement is generally higher on weekends.
  • Engagement is generally higher between 8am and 7pm.
  • Tweets with less than 100 characters receive more engagement than longer tweets.
  • Tweets with 1 or 2 hashtags get more engagement. Tweets with more than 2 hashtags show a drop in engagement.
  • Feeds that post 1-6 tweets per day get more engagement, 7+ tweets per day result in less engagement. 1-4 seems to be best.
  • Tweets with image links get more engagement.
  • Asking for retweets gets more retweets. “Please retweet” is more effective than “Please RT”.

While these are great general tips, we also need to keep refining and testing to make sure they suit our target audiences.


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