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Hashtags on Facebook

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Facebook is reportedly working on incorporating hashtags into its features, offering users the chance to highlight, sort and search conversations around particular topics as they currently do on Twitter. It isn’t an imminent release but one that we should certainly keep an eye on. Hashtags are already incorporated into Facebook-owned Instagram.

Hashtags would work with Facebook’s new Graph Search functionality, allowing users to search by topic as well as by user information and interests. The benefits of hashtags on Facebook are the same as those for Twitter – search-ability, the possibility of trending topics, hashtags for Q&As, a tool for viral marketing, etc.

Some people already use hashtags on Facebook, even though they have no current benefit or usability, so I think the transition would be fairly smooth and unnoticeable for some.

I’m wondering if Facebook’s version of hashtags will be an obvious copy of Twitter or if they will find a way of differentiating themselves.

Do you think hashtags on Facebook is a good idea?


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