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Twitter supports line breaks in tweets

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Twitter has added support for line breaks, a feature which lets you spread your 140 character message over several different lines.
line breaks

The ability to add line breaks already exists on its mobile and desktop platforms – iOS, Android, and Twitter for Mac. Line breaks are currently supported on, as well as through Twitter’s official mobile app, but not on most third-party Twitter clients or in embedded tweets.

A few people have looked into it and found that by typing in one letter per line you could take up to 70 lines for one single tweet. However, apparently, the screens can view only 33 lines.

This update has had mixed reviews, with some people embracing it and others concerned over the possibilities of over-use and spamming.
chessThe creative possibilities for using line breaks could be interesting. It certainly opens up Twitter to those poets who specialise in the Haiku. Line breaks will inevitably be used by advertisers who want to place more emphasis on tweets but it also offers up a brilliant creative opportunity too.

#linebreaks shows some of the ways people are currently using it.

How could we use line breaks for content? Would it be engaging or annoying to our audiences?


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