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Testing the Colleague X-ray toolbar

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Earlier this week, Gemma sent round an email about the Colleague X-ray toolbar. I’ve been having a play with it today, and it’s fantastic.

By default, the toolbar lets you search Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Xing on Bing. However, it is also possible to add Google (and other search engines) as well as other social media channels. For example, I have just run a search for customer insight analysts in Nottingham on LinkedIn using Google:


This was fairly simple, but it is very easy to create a search that drills down much more deeply. You can set up 8 different filters, across all standard Boolean string instructions, for example:


Once you have set up a search for candidates, you can use the methods I described here to find out more about them. You can also copy paste anything from the search results into the toolbar to allow for easy cross-referencing.

I can see a number of uses to this toolbar:

  • Candidate identification on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.
  • Identify influential users on these channels who may be worth engaging with.
  • Finding popular content in these channels and using this for inspiration.

While this doesn’t technically let us do anything we couldn’t already do, it is a much quicker and easier way of doing it. I think this could be a great time saver and a way to expand what we do (particularly for greater engagement on Google+, if this is an avenue we want to pursue).

I love this toolbar, and would be very happy to show you all how to download it and set it up so you can start using it.


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