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Social Media Developments – 1st April 2013

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Facebook updates the timeline – again

Facebook is still playing around with the look and feel of the timeline. This latest update allows users to set up for Open Graph and gives better ways for apps to appear.

Facebook changes rules on cover photos

Previously, the rules on what was permitted on Facebook cover photos on business pages were pretty strict. However, Facebook has become more lenient  and is now allowing calls to action

Now, the photo can only include 20% text maximum,  however all other restrictions ave been removed. It may be worth reviewing Facebook cover photos at this point to see if there’s any text we want to include.

Facebook releases comments threads

This function allows users to reply to specific comments on Facebook pages in a separate thread, making it easier to have conversations. Most active comments will be shown at the top.

This functionality needs to be turned on in the Facebook page options so we need to ensure we do this.

LinkedIn group algorithm

LinkedIn has recently changed the algorithm on groups so that any discussions with promotional text are automatically sent to the promotions tab. LinkedIn has not publicized which keywords have this result, but recommendations include removing the words I, me or my.

YouTube hits 1 billion monthly users

This has been announced in the past couple of weeks. It’s also interesting to note that all the Ad Age Top 100 brands now use Twitter advertising.

Google is closing Google Reader

This will take place on 1st July this year. Data can be exported using Google Takeout.




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