Social Media 4 Recruitment – employer branding made simple!

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I recently signed up to the website as a jobseeker to browse around and scope out any potential for our clients.

It only lists US companies so it wouldn’t be of benefit to us yet. However it would be a good thing to keep an eye on as it is a beautiful design and easy to use.

The first thing to do is sign up either as a jobseeker or a company. As a jobseeker you submit your field of work and job title. I believe this is to help them suggest relevant jobs and companies (although I didn’t get many Social Media Executive jobs on my dashboard).


Once you have decided to view a company you can take a virtual office tour which showcases some classy photos. You can meet team members at the company and get to know the company culture through events, milestones, videos and image galleries.


This feature I especially liked – the company benefits are listed which is important to many jobseekers.


You can then find out the latest news from the company in the form of articles, quotes and tweets.

Finally, the latest opportunities at the company are listed.

It looks like the site is targeting passive jobseekers; it’s worth noting that job promotion is at the bottom of the site. I like how they use branding, company culture and benefits to lure candidates.

Although it may be a while until the site comes to the UK, I would recommend having a play around; if only to gain some employer branding inspiration!



Author: fgeach

I love social media and working with new forms of communication.

One thought on “ – employer branding made simple!

  1. Sounds promising. Will be interesting to see when/if it takes off in the UK.

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