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Social Media Developments – 12th April 2013

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LinkedIn Mentions

Last week, LinkedIn launched the mention functionality, allowing users to mention companies and their connections in status updates and comments fields.

If you’re mentioned on LinkedIn, you will then receive a notification of this, much like you would on Facebook.

In addition to connections, you can mention others who have made comments on discussions on the homepage (interestingly LinkedIn doesn’t mention if this will be available in groups), making for easier conversation.

This is rolling out globally over the coming weeks.


Facebook tests emoticons :S

Facebook is looking at introducing a new emoticon and status action feature, i.e. you can include ‘reading’, ‘watching’, ‘feeling’ etc. in your statuses. You can then tag the appropriate Facebook page or user to match. And the emoticons don’t just include faces – it’s very reminicent of MSN Messenger!

This has not yet been commented on by Facebook and isn’t available on all profiles, so is likely to still be in the testing phase.

I imagine this will get a mixed reaction from users, though it’ll be interesting to see how widely it’s used.


Some interesting tools that would be worth playing with – search influential people on Twitter for any given subject. – reports when your Twitter followers are most active


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