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Social Media Developments – 26th April 2013

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Facebook changes

Facebook have been busy over the past couple of weeks, so here’s a run through of what they’ve changed:

1. Facebook introduces status updates with feelings – You may have seen in my last blog post that there were rumours Facebook was going to include feelings and other activities in status updates – Facebook are now rolling this out in the US, so we’ll slowly see more and more of this in our News Feeds. This could potentially expand the range of statuses we could use for clients, but I sense won’t be of huge advantage to us.

2. Facebook launches home – You may also have noticed Facebook Home on Android over the past couple of weeks. I actually quite like the new Messenger functionality which appears on the front screen of your phone. This shouldn’t have any particular effect on clients, but attempts to make the Facebook experience more social, with your friends profile pictures appearing more often.

3. Facebook new link formats – there are 2 types they’re testing. The first has bigger pictures, the second, more similar to the current layout, where an icon shows the link source. These both take advantage of the new Facebook layout.

4. Facebook adds groups to timelines – this has limited use for us, as only open groups will show, and only if you’ve accepted the invitation to join.

5. Facebook has made changes to the Page Admin area – where the notifications section used to be, there is now a Posts section, encouraging page owners to spend money on promoting their posts. They are also pushing that you pay for more page likes.

LinkedIn recruiter gets a facelift

As with much of the other functionality on LinkedIn, the recruiter seat design has been changed. The new design is meant to mirror the way the LinkedIn homepage looks. Just something to bear in mind in case clients start asking questions about where LinkedIn have hidden the buttons that they could previously find!

Twitter launches a music app

Twitter is aiming to change the way people discover new music by launching their own music app. It uses Twitter activity to show the most popular tracks and new artists, based on the number of tweets and engagement – is number of retweets going to be the new measurement for No.1 singles?!

Blogger launches Google+ comments

Blogger now allows you to add Google+ comments to your blog – begging the question, where else will this functionality be rolled out to (YouTube…?)


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