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Social Media Developments – 10th May 2013

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Facebook Pages on Mobile

Facebook is changing the way pages are viewed on mobiles, in order to tailor the way people look for information on their mobiles. Pages will appear simpler and cleaner, with relevant information being shown near the top. This is something we should keep an eye on to check how posts and designs appear on a mobile device.

LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIn has recently announced a new service that will allow users to bring all their data to one place – i.e. gathering all your address books, email contacts and calendars into one place. You can also leave yourself notes on the last interaction you had with a client. LinkedIn is moving towards functionality like a CRM tool. Currently this feature is invite -only.


This is a new social network specifically for tech professionals. It allows the sharing of documents and presentations, networking through questions and also has conference, chat and video functionality, allowing for real time collaboration. It’s still early days for this network but potentially worth keeping an eye on for niche candidates.


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