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New Google+ layouts

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Google+ has changed its layout to make content and images more significant.

Cover photos are significantly larger and measure 2,120 pixels x 1,192 pixels. Profile photos have also changed to a circular shape. The shape change could make any existing logos look messy, so we need to ensure we review any existing client Google+ page logos.

The ‘about’ section has moved to a card-style layout, making information clearer and easier to read.


In addition, the “Work” section includes a new feature: skills. Much in the same way you can list skills on your LinkedIn profile, you can now list skills on your Google Plus profile.

The home stream has changed to look a bit like Pinterest’s pin-board layout. The new layout is responsive to various devices, so it will adjust to varying screen sizes. But rather than automatically adjusting the three-column layout to a single-column layout for mobile devices, the three-column layout will remain home

It is important to review what these changes mean to any client Google+ pages and amend cover photos and profile pictures.


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