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Social Media Developments – 24th May 2013

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Yahoo buys Tumblr

Yahoo seems to be back in the market of trying to compete with oogle by buying Tumblr earlier this week. There is trepidation with this purchase, as users are unclear on exactly what Yahoo plans to do with Tumblr in the coming months. There’s speculation that Yahoo may merge Tumblr with Flickr to compete with Instagram, but it’s still early days. Definitely one to watch.

LinkedIn introduces sponsored content into the newsfeed

This sounds to me much like Facebook’s situation – LinkedIn is trying to find new ways to monetise their platform. There seems to be little published information on this as yet so I guess it’s a case of waiting to see what happens.

YouTube launches paid channels

Currently only available to a select group of partners, YouTube has launched channels that users will have to pay to use, as a way for content generators to monetize their channel. Subscription starts at only $0.99 a month, so this isn’t going to be particularly restrictive for users, but could be seen widely rolled out across the channel over the next few months.


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