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Twitter Introduces Lead Generation ‘Cards’

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Twitter cards – multimedia seen in expanded tweets – now have the functionality to allow marketers to collect leads directly within the tweet. User information (name, username and email address) is already pulled into the card, so there’s no need to fill out a form, all the user needs to do is hit ‘submit’ on the call-to-action.

Here’s the example shown on Twitter’s Advertising Blog:


Currently, this feature is available on Promoted Tweets, which is a paid feature of Twitter Ads, for managed clients; but it will soon be available to small and medium sized businesses.

As you are only able to collect a limited amount of information from Lead Generation Cards, they could be used in supporting campaigns to build a database of candidates to me mailed.

Having said that, the first job listing allowing candidates to apply for the role though Twitter Cards has been posted:


Once again, this highlights the importance of visual content in social media. Lead Generation Cards give you 240 characters for the tweet, description and CTA, and an image to put across your message.


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