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Is Twitter Analytics worth the hype?

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I know we were all very excited when Twitter announced it was launching Analytics, but so far, I haven’t exactly been blown away. Here are the stats for my personal account:


I know that I have had 7 mentions in the past week, which aren’t in the graph at the top – although in fairness to Twitter, these were all just before Analytics went live, so perhaps it just isn’t able to backdate this information – but there is no clarification of this. The information on follows and unfollows is quite nice to have and I do like the summary of recent tweet performance, but I am disappointed that there is still no information on reach/impressions.

There is also a second page of analytics about Followers, but apparently Twitter doesn’t have enough data to display analytics at this time and I should try again later. I promise I will do!

It’s nice that Twitter has implemented this feature and it’s an interesting step forward for them, but so far I am feeling quite underwhelmed. I’ll keep playing with it and see if it gets better, but I wouldn’t recommend moving over from Sprout Social just yet.

In the meantime, I will continue in my quest to find a tool that accurately measures Twitter reach….


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