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Social Media Developments – 5th July 2013

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LinkedIn adds new features to homepage

LinkedIn has added 2 new features to its homepage – the first, Who’s Viewed Your Updates, the second, You Recently Visited. The first of these could be particularly useful in reporting a more detailed breakdown of reach, showing the number of views, likes and comments for each of your status updates over the past 14 days. The views will also include 2nd and 3rd degree connections, rather than just 1st.

The You Recently Viewed section allows you to maintain engagement with these individuals.

LinkedIn’s aim of these changes is to make your homepage more personalised.

LinkedIn reaches 300 million company pages

  • Over 500,000 have been added in the past year.
  • LinkedIn believes the following updates are most popular: inside looks and interviews, employer branding and career opportunities, tips and best practices, fun facts and quotes.
  • But I wonder how many are duplicates?

Facebook updates comment sorting

Since the introduction of being able to reply to individual comments on Facebook, they’ve now introduced a feature which enables users to search by top comments on pages, i.e. those that have received the most engagement, similar to the way Twitter categorizes searched tweets by ‘Top’ or ‘All’. The alternative option is to search chronologically.

You are also now able to post images in comments, allowing for one post to stem into many or to post a series of related images in, effectively, one post.


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