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Social Media Developments – 15/07/13

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Facebook’s ‘new’ Graph Search

Facebook has announced a new ‘advanced Graph Search’ that’s a “new way to find people, places, photos and interests on Facebook” [Source: A New Twist in Facebook’s Graph Search Tale]. Facebook have highlighted the change with a reminder on users’ home pages. Facebook are also working on making Graph Search easier to use, with more advanced features.

New features and integrations include:

  • Easier to view and use interface
  • Fastest way to search and showcase results
  • More relevant results
  • The new tool understands more and different ways of asking questions

Facebook are also working on a mobile version of Graph Search.

Twitter syncs Direct Messages

Twitter have rolled out the ability to sync direct messages across all apps. This will make keeping up to date from various devices a lot easier. The update coordinates with Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac,, and TweetDeck.

Users will need the latest version of each app to ensure they are synced.


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