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Social Media Developments – 13/08/13

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SoundCloud and Google+ combine forces for embedded posts

The music sharing service, SoundCloud, that lets users upload and distribute their original sounds, announced that the company has integrated with Google+ to embed sounds directly into Google+ posts.  When users share the SoundCloud URL to their Google+ circles, the widget will appear automatically in the post. You can read more about the amalgamation, here:

Twitter’s TweetDeck gets a makeover


TweetDeck’s new features include:

  • You can now reply to multiple users mentioned in a single tweet by simply clicking the “reply” button.
  • You can preview your image before tweeting it and remove it by simply clicking the small ‘x’ in the image’s upper right-hand corner.
  • When sharing a link, the URL will appear at full length while you draft your tweet, but the site will automatically register its length at 22 characters. This means that you can ensure you’re sending out the right link without calculating how much room is left to type.
  • TweetDeck will auto-generate usernames and hashtags as you type.

The new features will roll out gradually.

Facebook 819 million mobile users

Facebook now has 819 million unique users logging in via mobile each month. This means that we’ll have to ensure Facebook content is short and concise – no candidate wants to read a massive essay on their mobile phone. They’ll simple ignore and move onto the next exciting post.


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