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New updates to Google Plus

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Google has announced some updated features for Google+ that will improve Hangouts, photos and videos and aim to “take a lot of the work out of messaging, video calling and photo editing”.


  • Location sharing and SMS support for Android: send a map of your current location and use SMS rather than switching between apps.
  • Ability to schedule Hangouts On Air and promote them with a dedicated watch page. Users can also moderate conversations whilst live through Control Room.
  • Full-screen video across mobile and desktop.

Photo and Video

  • Full size backups and background sync so users can back up photos as they take them.
  • With smart searching, Google+ will be able to better recognise search terms for objects within images so users can search for images with ease.
  • Auto Enhance improves each photo you add to Google+.
  • Google+’s “Auto Awesome” photo editing tool includes:
    – Action, which creates images with a strobe effect.
    – Eraser, which can take a sequence of photos and erase blurry objects, creating a cleaner image.
    – Movie, which automatically produces highlight reels from your photos and videos, complete with effects, transitions and an audio soundtrack.

Google have said “With 540 million people active across Google each month, 300 million people active in just the stream and more than 1.5 billion photos uploaded every week, the Google+ community is growing faster than we ever could have imagined. Today’s updates are our way of saying “thank you”—we hope they save you time, and help you share your story.”

Read their blog here.


One thought on “New updates to Google Plus

  1. Nice summary, thanks Susie.

    I would recommend everyone skims through the original blog post if they have time – there are lots of nice images of what this all looks like, it’s looking pretty good!

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