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What’s in store for social media in 2014?

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It’s a New Year and of course everyone is getting in their predictions for what’s going to be big in 2014. I’ve taken a look and compiled a list of some that caught my eye.

  • Employee Brand Ambassadors: Each employee has influence in their own social network, so the more employees who can help share the company’s social media messages, the broader the reach a company can achieve in social media.
  • The rise of social storytelling: Shifting focus from ‘telling’ to highlighting their ‘story’.
  • Visual content will continue to dominate: Creative and fresh ways of incorporating visual content will be highly important this year.
  • New channels to consider: SnapChat, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, YouTube. These may not be new, but interest in them is certainly peaking.
  • A growing importance of mobile strategy: It’s not enough to have a mobile friendly website, we need to think about how content strategy works with mobile – shorter pieces might work well here.
  • Google+ will continue to rise: It will become a serious threat to other networks.
  • Focus on Advertising: Native Advertising, Paid Advertising and sponsorship, Social media as an ‘Advertorial’. Monetization is big news and companies are looking to pay more for social media advertising.

What else do you think is going to happen in social media in 2014, and how can we utilise this to deliver the best service?



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