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Content Discovery: #NewKlout

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“Content Discovery” is sweeping the social networks, with Facebook recently releasing the Paper app (a ‘re-imagining of the News Feed), and LinkedIn using Pulse to share content. Now Klout have launched #NewKlout!

Whilst Klout is well known for scoring  influence on social media, #NewKlout aims to raise your influence score by highlighting interesting content for you to share, tailored to what “will strike a chord with your unique set of friends, fans, and followers”.

You can share this content through Klout, which will be measured by your Klout score rising and falling. You can add and remove content topics, to tailor the types of things you’ll see.


Find out more about #NewKlout here:

I’m currently experimenting with sharing content through Klout, as it allows you to create, schedule and measure the impact.


One thought on “Content Discovery: #NewKlout

  1. Nice write-up, thanks Susie. I’ve been seeing some good things about New Klout and quite like the content suggestions I have been receiving, so it seems to be working well so far. Will be interesting to see how this all develops. I love how clever content curation is becoming!

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