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Social Media Developments – 15th March 2013

Facebook changes its News Feed

Facebook is changing the design of its News Feed to look more like that of its mobile and tablet app. This is meant to make the page sleeker and easier to use. It will also make advertising more prominent. I haven’t noticed this roll out as yet. I think it’s another instance when they slowly release it across the globe so one to watch out for.

Instagram has hit 100 million users

Despite the changes to its terms of service late last year, Instagram has hit 100 million members, just 2 and a half years after its launch in 2010.

Google+ has changed its look

Google+ is updating profiles to include a tab for local reviews and bigger cover photos. As a result, we will need to review any of our profiles to develop new sized profile pictures.

WordPress releases business accounts

This is a paid service ($299 per month) which includes live support, unlimited profile themes, unlimited storage, more advanced design tools and a custom web address. This may be worth considering for any new blogs we set up.

LinkedIn has reached 1 billion endorsements

Apparently, LinkedIn has seen recommendations double since the launch of endorsements. Also members are adding further skills to their profiles as a result – potentially making them more useful for recruiters.


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How can blogs encourage engagement with candidates?

I’ve recently been thinking about how we can encourage engagement with candidates using blogs. I’ve put together a few ideas below:

  1. Guest blogging from high profile employees.
  2. Guest blogging from celebrities who have worked with brands e.g. Jamie Oliver.
  3. Updating blogrolls – add links to sites which showcases the brands interests and highlights their brand personality. The owners of those blogs will find your blog and will be likely to add a reciprocal link in their blogrolls.
  4. Submit posts to Social Bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit. This is a great way to boost traffic.
  5. Submit posts to Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo – submit the blog’s URL to them.
  6. Post one ‘photo gallery’ blog post per month – this could help with relocating candidates. The post could highlight an area of the town/city or a department at the brands Head Office.
  7. Host a link/feed to the blog site on the brands job website.
  8. Upload the Tubepress plugin – the plugin allows you to display YouTube and Viemo videos and galleries in blog posts.
  9. Include one picture per blog post – pictures are more likely to receive engagement.
  10. Include a live Twitter feed on blog site.
  11. Promote again via social –  a few weeks later re-post the blog to the brands social media channels e.g. ‘Did you miss…’


Please leave a comment with your thoughts and suggestions; I’d love to hear your feedback!