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Achievement Unlocked: Gamification

I have a pretty short commute to work in the mornings, about 10 minutes on the train, which gives me plenty of time to scan The Metro on my way in. This morning, I came across an interesting article on Gamification, which is an ever-increasing aspect of social media.

A lot of people grew up with games, and with the growth of personal technology, the possibilities are becoming more interesting. Our lives are already full of rules, strategies and ‘keeping score’. Now employers are using league tables, reward systems and achievement milestones to engage with customers and staff and to encourage a little more friendly competition. Gamification makes every day tasks more fun and keeps people motivated.

The opportunity for recruitment is exciting, giving candidates the chance to compete, achieve and express themselves and giving hiring managers a bit more information about the candidates who take part.

Marriott Hotels have launched a mobile app that makes candidates virtually perform hotel service industry tasks, providing insight into how candidates would approach real work. This also helps to eliminate applicants lacking the patience or aptitude for the job.

KPMG’s ‘Race the World in 80 Days’ game asks candidates to fly a balloon around the world in the quickest time, having completed 10 challenges along the way. Of the 4,548 games played, 110 were completed and 136 graduate applications were made.

Did you know?

The term gamification, which is basically the introduction of game-like processes to everyday situations, was coined in 2002 by British programmer Nick Pelling.

79% of workers say they want their employer to try out new approaches.

More than 70% of the world’s largest 2,000 companies are expected to have used gamification by the end of this year.

The gamification market is expected to be worth £3.3 billion by 2018.

Here’s a link to the online article which has a nice little infographic full of stats from IBM.

Another really interesting article on the subject is Life is a game. This is your strategy guide.

So how can we use gamification more?