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Improvements in linking Google Analytics and AdWords

Google have announced some improvements that make it easier for Google Analytics and AdWords account owners to link their accounts.

Ad campaigns are optimised to reach the right people, whilst Google Analytics offers insights into customer behavior on websites. By linking the two together, the Analytics insights can “flow” into Adwords.

The main benefits of combining AdWords and Analytics data:

  • Importing Analytics goals and transactions into AdWords allows users to define success without having to retag your site
  • Site engagement stats help users better understand performance and how to optimize
  • Remarketing with Google Analytics allows users to reach new audiences
  • Importing AdWords data into Analytics lets users see data across many accounts in aggregate and combined with rich site metrics

The process of linking the accounts is now easier, involving less steps, and has been consolidated into one “linking wizard”. As the new linking process launches, users will be able to create additional links from the admin section of their Analytics account by clicking AdWord Linking in the Account column, then clicking the New Link button to start the linking wizard.

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Google Analytics Developments – 20/06/13

Google Analytics announce the launch of its streamline user experience

Google Analytics have announced the launch of a dramatically streamlined user experience for managing Google Analytics administrative setting.  Over the coming weeks, you’ll see all major settings accessible from a new landing page.  Settings are organised into columns corresponding to the most prominent objects in Analytics, for example accounts, properties, and views. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this in our Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics are in the process of rolling out their Attribution Model Comparison Tool

After several months of testing, Google Analytics will be rolling out their Attribution Model Comparison Tool.  This tool will allow you to build, customise, and compare models, and you’ll gain insight into the impact of your various marketing programs as they work together to drive conversions.

Find out more about the tool, here: