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The question of Google Plus

So Google Plus is still relatively new to a lot of people. Whilst it launched in 2011 and there was a lot of buzz around it, a lot of people still have no idea what it is, how it works, or whether it’s right for them.

Here’s what we know:

  • Google+ has been proven to boost SEO ranking.
  • It has over 1 billion users, of which 359 million are active.
  • The 45-54 year old bracket has increased it usage 56% since 2012.
  • Rich media (images, videos, etc) work really well.
  • Personalised and vanity URLs are being rolled out
  • Google+ will automatically generate the top three hashtags for a post
  • Engineers and tech users are widely represented
  • It’s a professional landscape, geared toward connecting businesses and professionals
  • It’s integrated with Google services (Gmail, Google Docs, etc)

On Google+, you can:

  • Create a personal account
  • Create a page
  • Add people to circles based on specific groups or topics
  • Join Hangouts to conduct chats, Q&As or recorded conferences
  • Join Communities to discuss relevant topics with like-minded people
  • Follow Pages
  • Mention people
  • Format posts with underlining, italics or bold font
  • Edit or delete after posting
  • Disable comments and make posts ‘exclusive’ or ‘private’
  • Post content to specific circles of people
  • Post longer content than on other social media channels
  • Upload photos using drag-and-drop
  • Embed posts directly onto websites or blogs

So why can Google+ work for recruitment?

  • Recruiters can use circles to categorise candidates, sending out specific jobs and targeted content to the right audience. Segmentation reduces unwanted posts in your feed. These circles can become talent pipelines, or talent pools.
  • It’s great for developing a connection network.
  • The focus on rich media is perfect for visual job specs or memes.
  • The keyword and SEO benefits are ideal for job searches.
  • Hangouts can be used to host chats or Q&As.
  • Authorship lets you as an author stand out against your content, giving you authority and authorship. By configuring Google so that your image appears next to your content, recruiters can show their expertise.
  • A lot of Google+ profiles include contact information, which LinkedIn doesn’t.
  • You can use hashtags to group content and make it searchable

And here’s a question, do you say ‘GooglePlus’, or ‘Google+’?


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Google has announced some updated features for Google+ that will improve Hangouts, photos and videos and aim to “take a lot of the work out of messaging, video calling and photo editing”.


  • Location sharing and SMS support for Android: send a map of your current location and use SMS rather than switching between apps.
  • Ability to schedule Hangouts On Air and promote them with a dedicated watch page. Users can also moderate conversations whilst live through Control Room.
  • Full-screen video across mobile and desktop.

Photo and Video

  • Full size backups and background sync so users can back up photos as they take them.
  • With smart searching, Google+ will be able to better recognise search terms for objects within images so users can search for images with ease.
  • Auto Enhance improves each photo you add to Google+.
  • Google+’s “Auto Awesome” photo editing tool includes:
    – Action, which creates images with a strobe effect.
    – Eraser, which can take a sequence of photos and erase blurry objects, creating a cleaner image.
    – Movie, which automatically produces highlight reels from your photos and videos, complete with effects, transitions and an audio soundtrack.

Google have said “With 540 million people active across Google each month, 300 million people active in just the stream and more than 1.5 billion photos uploaded every week, the Google+ community is growing faster than we ever could have imagined. Today’s updates are our way of saying “thank you”—we hope they save you time, and help you share your story.”

Read their blog here.

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Social Media Developments – 21st June 2013

Instagram launches video

Yesterday, Instagram launched the facility to upload videos to the service – presumably in an effort to compete with Vine and try and increase the usage of Instagram as a whole.

LinkedIn allows media in updates

In addition to adding media to LinkedIn profiles, you can now add images, documents and presentations to updates on the LinkedIn homepage.

Facebook removes Sponsored Stories

In an effort to streamline its advertising options, Facebook is reducing its current offering of 27 types of adverts to 13.The changes are summarised below:

  • Sponsored Stories in their current form will cease to exist. These have been removed for privacy reasons – so to not use individual’s names and photos on advertising – and been replaced by social ads.
  • Questions for pages and Facebook Offers are being removed entirely.

Google+ dashboard

Google+ pages will now see a dashboard in order to update their information across multiple Google services, e.g. maps, search and Google+. It also allows you to start advertising with Adwords and provides information on searches.

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Social Media Developments – 31/05/13

Facebook launches verified accounts

Much like Twitter, Facebook has now introduced verified accounts. Verified accounts will be specifically available to public figures with large audiences, namely, celebrities, government officials, popular brands and some journalists.

Verified Facebook AccountNew Twitter lists

Twitter has undergone a major upgrade this week which mean Twitter lists have changed. Previously, you could only create 20 lists. Now, you can make up to 1,000, and those lists can contain as many as 5,000 accounts. This could be potentially interested with clients who target various areas e.g. engineering, mining, oil, HR, finance etc. I think it would be worth creating multiple Twitter lists for each area/department of a client. This could help with finding retweets, interesting industry content and even potentially targeting candidates.

Google introduces stand-alone hangouts app

Google has announced an upgrade to its Hangouts real-time communication service for the web, Android and iOS. The new Hangouts app will focus on conversations, rather than contacts. You’ll be able to contact friends, colleagues and loved ones on any platform, regardless of the operating system.

Here’s what’s new with the upgrade:

  • New Google+ Photos features keep photos organized and looking their best
  • Make your photos look even better with Auto Enhance
  • Browse highlights from all your photos
  • Share short animations, panoramas, and more
  • Hangouts has moved to its own app for messaging and video call
  • Discover interesting content via related hashtags
  • Ability to edit more profile fields and upload a cover photo
  • New interactive Google Offer posts in the stream
  • Control how often What’s Hot posts appear in your stream
  • Support for displaying strike-through text
  • Ability to edit comments
  • Ability to copy the post’s permalink

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New Google+ layouts

Google+ has changed its layout to make content and images more significant.

Cover photos are significantly larger and measure 2,120 pixels x 1,192 pixels. Profile photos have also changed to a circular shape. The shape change could make any existing logos look messy, so we need to ensure we review any existing client Google+ page logos.

The ‘about’ section has moved to a card-style layout, making information clearer and easier to read.


In addition, the “Work” section includes a new feature: skills. Much in the same way you can list skills on your LinkedIn profile, you can now list skills on your Google Plus profile.

The home stream has changed to look a bit like Pinterest’s pin-board layout. The new layout is responsive to various devices, so it will adjust to varying screen sizes. But rather than automatically adjusting the three-column layout to a single-column layout for mobile devices, the three-column layout will remain home

It is important to review what these changes mean to any client Google+ pages and amend cover photos and profile pictures.

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Social Media Developments – 16/04/13

YouTube iOS app now supports live streaming

YouTube’s iOS app has been updated to version 1.3 and now supports live streaming,  quick access to new uploads from subscriptions through the “My Subscriptions” feed, as well as the ability to queue videos for playback on TV.

You can download the app from Apple’s App Store.

YouTube accounts and channels can be linked to Google+ pages

Google announces YouTube accounts and channels can be linked to Google+ pages. YouTube creators are invited to a beta test that could allow a single Google+ page to manage up to 50 YouTube channels.

Google said it will “unlock new features such as improved video sharing, live broadcasts via Hangouts”, as well as a YouTube tab on your Google+ page.

YouTube users can test this by visiting their YouTube account settings and select “Connect with Google+ page (beta)”. This would be worth trialling with clients who have Google+ and YouTube pages.

71% of Facebook users engage in ‘self-censorship’

Many users often type something into a social media input box, such as a Facebook status, think again and decide against posting whatever it was. New research based on a sample of 3.9 million Facebook users has revealed 71% of users engage with some self-censorship either on new posts or in comments. I believe this is something to think about when writing content. If potential candidates are unsure of an answer they’re more than likely to engage in self-censorship. This could lead to less engagement.