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Just who uses social media?

Mashable has published an interesting infographic about ‘Which demographics use social media?’


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Infographic Inspiration

After our Infographic training session, I thought I’d put a blog together highlighting some good tools to use. It might be a bit of a lazy blog as it’s mostly just links to other sources but they are certainly sites I will be referring to again and again when I’m creating infographics.

This is a really interesting article by Lilach Bullock on 15 Tools to Make Amazing Infographics. I particularly enjoyed the image she uses to illustrate her point.

There’s also a great series of blogs which highlight ‘alternatives to boring pie charts’: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

One message of the infographic training session was that it’s important to get the colour scheme right. Whether you’re trying to emulate a client’s branding or not, it’s important to find a palette of colours that work together. One tool I came across isĀ, which is a great site for putting together a colour palette. They can grab website colours, give you popular combos and allow you to search for random colour combinations.

Here’s a list of distribution sites and sources of inspiration:

It’s also worth setting up a Pinterest board of your favourite infographics and following infographic Twitter feeds, so you have a source of inspiration.

What tools are other people using for infographics?