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Talent Connect… Part 2

Here’s some LinkedIn stats from the conference today:

  • They now have 175+ million registered users
  • They have gained 58 million of these since the European conference last year
  • Last year 10% of users were on mobiles, now this figure has increased to 25%
  • 12,000 organisations are using LinkedIn products
  • 5 billion searches were completed in the last year
  • 10 million endorsements are happening daily
  • 2 billion network updates are viewed weekly

New features:

1. People follow and long form content – you can now follow people, not just companies on LinkedIn. The example they used was Richard Branson (as shown below). This also means they can post longer pieces of content, similar to blog pieces rather than just status updates.

Richard Branson – People Follow

2. Talent Brand Index – this is something that LinkedIn now work out to show companies how their employer brand is working. This is worked out using the ‘Talent Brand Reach’ which is how many people are familiar with the company as an employer i.e. viewing employee profiles and connecting with employees. The ‘Talent Brand Engagement’ which is the number of candidates who have interacted with the company i.e. visited the careers page, followed the company, viewed jobs. You then divide the Talent Brand Engagement by the Talent Brand Reach x 100 to get a percentage and this is the ‘Talent Brand Index’.
Here is an example to explain this clearly:

Rolls Royce have 745,909 candidates familiar with their company on LinkedIn (Talent Brand Reach).
They had 116,299 interactions last year (Talent Brand Engagement).
116,299/745,909 x 100= 16% (Talent Brand Index).

3. InDemand – you can now see LinkedIn’s most InDemand employers by country and by function. This is of course based on data from LinkedIn. You can view it here:

LinkedIn’s most InDemand Employers

4. Sponsored Jobs – another method of PPC advertising where the ‘Jobs you may be interested in’ currently is. Sponsored ads will go above other jobs. Apparently these have 5 x the CTR compared to other jobs, candidates are 3 x more likely to apply for the role and the ads are combined with passive candidate targeting so only targeted candidates see the ads.